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Shamanic Healing Practices

Marty Ross, MD is pleased to offer shamanic healing practices at The Healing Arts Partnership.  In shamanism, a trained practitioner journeys on behalf of another with consent of the person or for herself to the worlds of compassionate healing spirits.  Compassionate healing spirits are numerous and include animals, teachers, and angels.  During a journey, the practitioner asks the spirits for guidance or direct intervention to restore and increase a person’s strength and health.  To travel to the world of the spirits, a shamanic practitioner enters a state of altered consciousness.  In ninety percent of shamanic cultures, the state of altered consciousness is reached while listening to monotonous drumming.  Yes, as some of you have heard while sitting in our waiting room, there is drumming coming from the treatment rooms as Marty journeys to the spirit worlds to work with the compassionate healing spirits for the health and power of our patients. 

(If you decide to have a shamanic healing, please be aware these services are complementary to and do not replace standard naturopathic or allopathic medical diagnosis and treatment.)

Why is Dr. Ross offering Shamanic Healing?

As Marty works with shamanic healing practices, he is using spirit-based techniques in our healing approach.  It is his observation that for many of our patients that the mind approaches (such as supportive counseling or meditation) and the body approaches (such as prescriptive medicines, herbal remedies, or chakra balancing) that we employ are not sufficient to restore whole health.  From the shamanic point of view, when people are more "power-filled" they are less prone to illness, accidents, and bad luck.  This goes beyond the normal definition of illness. The shaman restores a person’s linkage to his or her spiritual power.  By traveling to the spirit world and enlisting the help of compassionate helping spirits we can influence the spiritual aspects of a person's illness.  This can create greater balance and power in a person that can help improve health.  In working with our patients with chronic illnesses such as chronic Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, we believe it is necessary to influence and treat the imbalances in these illnesses employing mind, body, and spirit medicines and approaches.

What are Shamanic Healing Methods?

There are a variety of techniques and methods.  Below are some Marty employs but there are others he uses as well.  Marty will tailor the shamanic healing to meet your individual needs.  During a session, the person seeking healing typically lays down beside the practitioner.  Through monotonous drumming, Marty enters a state of altered consciousness through which he can take journeys to the helping spirit worlds and work with the compassionate healing spirits. 

During a visit, they might perform a soul retrieval.  During traumatic life events like a chronic illness, pieces of a person’s soul may split off as a means of protecting the person.  To restore wholeness and power to the person, during a shamanic journey, Marty can find the pieces of the soul and return them to the person.  Another method that they might employ is to do an extraction.  In an extraction, a “spiritual intrusion” is seen in a person and removed.  Intrusions happen in our daily life when we, or others, say things or do actions out of anger to another.  Such negative energy can become lodged in the person and create poor health.  Another method Marty can do is to find a power animal for a person.  Through contact with these spiritual animals, individuals can gain healing power and protection.  Finally, through a process called divination, Marty can speak with the compassionate healing spirits and ask guidance questions on behalf of a patient.

Who Practices Shamanism?

The word "shaman" comes from the Tungus language of Siberia.  Throughout the world, shamanism was and is practiced by people of all ethnic heritages.  Here in the United States noted anthropologist Michael Harner, PhD studied Shamanism throughout the world.  He found that there are standard practices and healing methods employed by most shamanic practitioners regardless of where they practice in the world and regardless from which group of people they belong.  Through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies which he and his wife established, Harner's goal is to restore and preserve shamanic healing practices in cultures where they have been lost.  To that end, he is currently training individuals in core shamanic practices.  Marty has completed training with Dr. Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is now offering these ancient and time-tested spiritual healing methods to his patients.

Is Shamanism a Religion?

The practice of shamanism is a method, not a religion.  It coexists with established religions in many cultures.

To Make an Appointment

Dr. Ross welcomes your interest in shamanic healing.  He has appointments for shamanic healing that are separate from the regular medical visits.  These services are currently being offered at a marked discount to the medical visit charges.  If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment please call, or at your next visit with Marty ask him about shamanic healing practices as part of your healing approach.



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